About Us

We pride ourselves on a very straightforward approach to communications. We will work with your emergency service organization to take complex issues and break them down into simple, understandable messages for your audiences. We understand the specialized needs, culture and language of emergency services and can help translate these into messages your audiences can easily grasp.

“ To us, words are only one way your organization speaks to its audiences. We work with you to help align what you say with what you do to ensure we’re providing the strongest, most consistent message possible. ”

As an emergency service, government officials and the public often hold you to a higher set of standards. Our communications strategies and actions are developed to ensure the most ethical and honest treatment of issues and people.

Because we’ve worked with emergency services before, we know the many divisions that make your organization work. With every communication project, we’ll carefully consider who else within your organization may need to be involved in, or notified of, the work we are doing. This helps ensure everyone who needs to know about or be involved in a project is kept up to date and can ultimately support the final project.

We have access to a network of experts in other fields to provide you with a complete suite of communications services, from high-level communications planning to the design of print and online materials.

Tabitha Beaton, Principal

With over a decade of communications experience, I have worked on a broad range of issues and projects with senior managers, CEOs and chiefs located in the same city and across the continent. My goal is to marry my business experience with my emergency services knowledge to provide communications advice and materials that resonate with the many audiences you serve government, public, media, and employees.

As a previous communications manager for one of Canada’s leading fire departments, I know how difficult it can be to seek outside communications counsel and assistance. For me, it seemed impossible to educate someone on our industry fast enough to be immediately productive and useful to our organization. Many times I opted to just do the work myself to avoid having to walk someone through the issues, background and nuances of our organization. I’m hoping I can offer you what was difficult to find when I worked in emergency services someone with a current knowledge of the industry, its diverse challenges, and its many stakeholders.